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OUI Lawyer John Webb serves Saco and Portland Maine.

Seeking a criminal defense attorney Maine? Similarly, if you need an OUI lawyer near me or a sex crimes attorney, the Webb Law Firm has your legal warrior ready and available at a law office location nearby. The COVID Pandemic led to a large increase in domestic violence restraining order cases nationwide, and Maine is no exception to the higher incidence reports.

Our litigation team (John Webb, Vincent LoConte, and Nicole Williamson) wants you to feel comfortable bringing ANY criminal law, juvenile law, administrative law or driver license suspension law or revocation case to our legal offices in Southern Maine. A few years ago, because the crime rate in Portland was 10-fold that rate in Saco, ME, we opened our Portland, ME additional office.

Our many legal professional criminal defense team competencies include avoiding DUI penalties like a suspended driver’s license, and helping you settle related personal injury claims if you caused injury to others. Plus, our advanced DUI-DWI classes in forensic science, such as NHTSA field sobriety test instruction, helps us in fighting an OUI in Maine.

Our Maine OUI attorneys know which pretrial motions to file to exclude a blood alcohol content result, a flawed HGN eye test, or a breathalyzer test on the Intoxilyzer 8000 machine. The DUI lawyers in Maine with our Saco, ME and Portland, Maine crime defense group know how to argue against you being convicted.

Criminal Law Cases Involving Drug and Marijuana Charges

For those facing a marijuana sale transaction charge, possession crime or other (more serious) manufacturing, or drug trafficking or smuggling crimes, you need to immediately seek a criminal lawyer near me that is one of the longtime criminal defense lawyers MACDL member, to guide your criminal defense.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer near me that is a MACDL Maine Member. Our local lawyers are fully trained to know the laws of the State of Maine and the United States federal laws. All nearby lawyers at our litigation firm have participated in advanced training in police procedures, including breath alcohol testing, blood testing, police roadside agility exercises and other law enforcement investigation techniques, like DNA analysis.

Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers John Scott Webb

Our Firm Is Known for OUI Defense (OUI/DUI/DWI) Drunk or Drugged Driving

Criminal Lawyers in Maine for Operating Under the Influence. When you drive into Maine over the Piscataquis River Bridge from New Hampshire, you are greeted by a big sign that informs you that Maine has nation’s the toughest drunk driving laws, and the Pine Tree State means it. A first offense OUI conviction carries a minimum $500 fine (not including surcharges and fees), a 150-day loss of your right to operate a motor vehicle in Maine.

Plus, an additional suspension period of 275 days applies if it is alleged that you refused to take a breath test or had a minor as a passenger in the vehicle). When it comes to jail time, you will serve a minimum of 48 hours in jail if you have an aggravating factor in your case. You also may be required to pay for installation and monitoring of a car breathalyzer, a device that disables your car’s engine if it detects any amount of alcohol on your breath.

As you can tell, these are complicated issues with many factors to consider in criminal cases. There is no reason for you to deal with these issues alone. Our Maine OUI/DUI attorneys are happy to help you.

Maine OUI lawyer John Scott Webb defends against drunk driving and drugged driving charges, marijuana possession, misdemeanors and felonies.

Our Top-Rated Lawyers in America Offer a FREE Consultation to Outline Our Legal Services

For a variety of reasons, some criminal law cases against our clients that should never go to trial, if losing creates mandatory, lengthy prison time. Often, based upon our knowledge of the case facts and what alternative plea disposition our criminal attorneys may have been able to negotiate. Of course, our client gets to make that final trial or “no trial” decision.

In some cases, particularly with cases involving sex crimes and various other assault cases, our investigation and case analysis convinces our law firm’s legal advocates that the case absolutely should go to trial. Perhaps no lesser charge (for a negotiated plea to that less egregious offense) has been turned down.

Remember that all criminal charges against all criminal defendants are 100% unique in each case, and the legal issues and possible defenses for clients charged with a crime must be viewed with full knowledge of your criminal history, driving record, family support obligations, and what those criminal lawyers around me who are familiar with all aspects of the case advise being done to defend you.

Legal advice from some of the best lawyers in Maine. If you are ready to shift this heavy legal burden off your shoulders and onto a local trial attorney near me in Southern Maine, get in touch with our law offices in Portland, Maine [dial 207-835-7008] or Saco, Maine [dial 207-283-6400]. Our law professionals offer a no-cost, free consultation, to see if our firm is the right litigation team with whom you should enter an attorney-client relationship.


John Webb is widely regarded as the best OUI lawyer in Maine. He lives closer to the Saco, Maine office, and he covers a great number of intoxicated driving cases near the New Hampshire border. Attorney Webb also has 3 other criminal defense lawyers near me.

Below see some of our criminal defense practice areas set forth below. A longer list is shown on our home page.

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