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Canada DUI Entry: Visiting Canada with a DUI-OUI

Under Canadian DUI entry law, conviction of a Maine OUI (or elsewhere in the U.S.) can make you an “inadmissible person” in Canada. Since the September 11th terrorist attack on America in 2001, changes to U.S. Homeland Security can view a traveler’s entire criminal record at the border, seaport, or airport. So, if you arrive at the Canadian border and an OUI-DWI-DUI appears on the person’s record, he or she may be refused (denied) entry into Canada.

Under old rules, the prospects of getting into Canada with a DUI after 10 years were better than average, since a statute permitted “deemed rehabilitation” to allow your right to visit Canada. But Canada DUI laws changed recently, and the old rules no longer apply for criminal cases like drunk driving.

Under federal, Canadian criminal laws, due to driving under the influence of alcohol convictions being classified by our northern neighbor is a serious offense. Figuring out how to cross the border and enter DUI Canada entry with a DUI is not easy, and now takes legal advice and guidance from an attorney.

If a person tells you "I got into Canada with a DUI," then the story may have been from several years ago, under prior laws. In 2020, you are presumptively inadmissible to Canada with a single DUI, absent a temporary resident permit (TRP) being in place and approved. This applied to either DUI or reckless driving charges that were that old.

The general rule is that an “inadmissible person” cannot visit or stay in Canada because they have been convicted of certain crimes within Canada or convicted outside of Canada (e.g., in any USA state, including Maine). You are categorized as a threat to public health and safety.

Plus, do not think that because you received a deferred adjudication or a diversion for your DWI-DWI in America that your alternative sentencing requirements means that you did NOT have a DUI. Canada will treat you as if you did, in most special plea cases. A Maine OUI Conviction Can Block Canada DUI Entry

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Because many Mainers find a need to cross the shared border into Canada, anyone convicted of DUI-OUI needs to not try that. This article explains some of the many rules controlling Canada DUI entry policies and regulations, so that you know when to contact Canadian immigration lawyers for assistance. Read on to get answers to these questions:

  • Are you allowed in Canada with a DUI?
  • Can a person with a DUI enter Canada?
  • How does Canada know if you have a DUI?
  • Is flying into Canada with a DUI a smart move?
  • Can you go to Canada with a DUI?
  • Can I visit Canada with a DUI?
  • Can you enter Canada with an OUI?
  • Can you go to Canada if you have a DWI?
  • How long after a DUI can I visit Canada?
  • With a USA DUI, can I get into Canada?
The DUI Canada Problem: Can I Go to Canada with a DUI?

For almost two decades, the United States government has shared driver’s license and criminal court records with Canadian border officials. The equivalent of our Border Patrol, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) determines who is eligible to enter and who is not. Resolving these issues BEFORE landing at Toronto or Montreal is always the best practice.

If you are traveling to Canada with a DUI, you should assume that Canadian immigration officers are stationed at all entry points (airport, ships at a port, border crossing) Canadian government officers will be able review your driver license to see your criminal history on their computers and find out about any pending DUI charge or closed criminal case involving driving while intoxicated.

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Note: The lawyers in Maine at Webb Law Firm are not allowed to practice law in Canada or give legal advice about entering Canada with a DUI (or other criminal record). The information on this page for Canada DUI entry is for advisory purposes only.

 Please contact the Canadian Consulate with questions regarding Canadian law and inadmissibility or find a Canadian lawyer skilled in immigration law. Plus, see the additional information and links below, for other pages within this site.

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