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John Webb Law Firm: OUI & Criminal Attorney Near Me in Maine

Webb Law Firm

John Webb and Vincent S. LoConte are dedicated criminal defense attorneys who focus on getting you the best result for your TYPE of criminal case. For those facing a marijuana sale transaction charge or other drug trafficking or possession crimes, you will be seeking a drug attorney near me for your criminal defense.

Similarly, if you need an OUI lawyer near me or a sex crimes attorney, the Webb Law Firm has your legal warrior ready and available. Our litigation team wants you to feel comfortable bringing ANY criminal law, juvenile law, administrative law or driver license suspension law or revocation case to our legal offices in Southern Maine.

Our many legal profession competencies include saving driving privileges, and helping you settle related personal injury claims if you caused injury to others. Plus, our advanced forensic science and field sobriety test instruction help us in fighting to exclude a blood alcohol content report, HGN eye test, and argue against you being convicted by any unfair laws near me that pertain to your case.

Our lawyers are fully trained to know the laws of the State of Maine and the United States federal laws. All lawyers at our firm have participated in advanced training in police procedures, including breath alcohol testing, blood testing, police roadside agility exercises and other law enforcement investigation techniques, like DNA analysis.

Webb Law Firm

Our Maine attorneys defend a broad spectrum of criminal cases. Members of the Webb Law Group will analyze the State’s evidence in your case, integrate those records and documents with the contrary facts you bring to us.

From this case analysis, our legal professionals develop a defense strategy from our investigation. Next.,(depending on your court location and type of case) Mr. Webb assigns the right drug defense attorney near me to defend the charges. Your criminal charge may require an assault lawyer, or possibly an impaired driving defense lawyer to fight an underage driver's zero tolerance law violation.

In preparing for pretrial motions or trial, our legal team may advise you to hire experts when necessary to eliminate certain evidence at pretrial motions, or to explain our legal theory at a trial. Our litigators in Maine also may negotiate with the assigned prosecutor handling your case and make recommendations to you based on those discussions and negotiations.

Whether your charges involve drunk driving, drugged driving, vehicular manslaughter, drug possession cases, domestic violence, or handling a license suspension issue before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, our Maine lawyers are ready. Plus, outstanding warrants for probation violation, or for failure to appear in court are another criminal legal matter that John Webb and his able associate attorneys excel at handling.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Southern Maine work as a team at Webb Law Firm

Our law firm’s commitment to you begins with an initial, free consultation with a criminal law attorney near me at our office in Portland, or the main office in Saco, ME. As our client, you must be 100% open and truthful about your case and give your version of the facts, versus what the State has alleged you did.

Remember that you get a FREE consultation without spending any money, at the initial meeting. If you are not sure whether our law team can help, call today to ask us anyway. 207-283-6400. The phone call is free, and if Maine criminal law attorneys cannot help you, a team member will take the time to guide you to another law group that can provide the legal services you need.

Our Firm is Known for OUI Defense (OUI/DUI/DWI) Drunk or Drugged Driving

When you drive into Maine over the Piscataquis River Bridge from New Hampshire, you are greeted by a big sign that informs you that Maine has nation’s the toughest drunk driving laws, and the Pine Tree State means it. A first offense OUI conviction carries a minimum $500 fine (not including surcharges and fees), a 150-day loss of your right to operate a motor vehicle in Maine

Plus, an additional suspension period of 275 days applies if it is alleged that you refused to take a breath test or had a minor as a passenger in the vehicle). When it comes to jail time, you will serve a minimum of 48 hours in jail if you have an aggravating factor in your case.

As you can tell, these are complicated issues with many factors. There is no reason to deal with these issues alone. Our Maine OUI/DUI attorneys are happy to help you.

Other Motor Vehicle Offenses our Criminal Law Advocates Defend

The criminal defenders at Webb Law Firm are also experienced at handling felony cases involving:

  • vehicular manslaughter
  • eluding or attempting to elude a police officer
  • failure to stop for a police officer when signaled to do so
  • operating after revocation
  • operating after suspension
  • leaving the scene of an accident (hit and run)
  • failing to report a motor vehicle accident involving bodily
  • injury or property damage
  • operating without a license.
Contact our Maine Lawyer for Help from an Experienced Criminal Defense Team

For a variety of reasons, some criminal law cases against our clients that should never go to trial, if losing creates mandatory, lengthy prison time. Often, based upon our knowledge of the case facts and what alternative plea disposition our criminal attorneys may have been able to negotiate. Of course, our client gets to make that final trial or "no trial" decision.

In some cases, particularly with cases involving sex crimes and various other assault cases, our investigation and case analysis convinces our law firm's legal advocates that the case absolutely should go to trial. Perhaps no lesser charge (for a negotiated plea to that less egregious offense) has been turned down.

Remember that all criminal charges against all criminal defendants are 100% unique in each case, and the legal issues and possible defenses for clients charged with a crime must be viewed with full knowledge of your criminal history, driving record, family support obligations, and what those criminal lawyers around me who are familiar with all aspects of the case advise being done to defend you.

It is critical that you take these charges seriously and speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about them right away. Call today to the Webb Law Firm at (207) 283-6400 for your free consultation. A Webb law Firm teammate is available for you or your family members to reach us 24/7 and 365 days of the year!

Because all criminal offenses carry with them the risk of jail and fines, you need effective, experience lawyers at your side. Plus, you need to know the potential collateral consequences of a possible conviction that may impact many areas of your life including your work career, your educational opportunities, housing availability, and the possible impact on future access to student loans or studying abroad.

Primary Practice Areas for which Misdemeanor or Felony Lawyers Near Me will be needed:
Client Reviews
"Without a doubt one of the best legal teams in Maine. If you have an issue that needs legal assistance give them a call. They will listen, they will guide you and they will explain the legal aspects of your situation and if and how they can help you. You won't be disappointed." Lou C.
"I hired John twice to help with two different legal situations. He was outstanding in every regard for both cases. For one of the cases, we were led to believe it was hopeless, until we met John Webb. John much to my surprise took the case, and gave us hope. I know for a fact he worked over and beyond what he charged us for, and landed a very favorable result. You cannot get a more honest, hard working, knowledgeable, skilled lawyer than John Webb." Maureen