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engine-start-300x257The next big change in Maine DUI law is the new suspension periods.  Since 2009 the suspensions for repeat DUI’s are longer – a lot longer.

For first DUI it is the same – 90 days.  The old suspension for a second DUI in 10 years was 18 months.  Now it is 3 years.  For a third DUI in 10 years it was 4 years.  Now it is 6 years.  For a fourth and subsequent offenses it is still 6 years.  Except for a first offense, there are no work licenses.

Maine is a rural state.  We have no buses or trains outside of a couple of cities.  For most people a second or third OUI in 10 years means the end of their job.  It means families are going to fall into poverty.

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