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Under Maine Title 28-A, possession, consumption, or purchase of alcohol by a minor under 21 years old can cost up to $400 in fines (assuming it is a minor in possession first offense). Parents who allow minors in their control, or in a place under their control (main residence, beach house), to consume alcohol are facing a Class D crime, meaning that it is punishable by up to 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000. If the minor is less than 18 years old, then there is a mandatory fine of not less than $1,000 (for a first offense).

If a minor is found illegally transporting alcohol, they can face a fine up to $500 as well as have their driver’s license suspended for 30 days (again, assuming a first offense). Lastly, a minor found to have any alcohol at all in their bloodstream while driving (OUI Under 21) can have their license suspended for a year if the minor is alone in the vehicle – or two and a half years if they have a passenger under 21 in the car. They can then face even harsher punitive action if they are a .08 BAC or above.

Remember, when someone is under 21, Maine has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol. Therefore, it will not matter if a person blows under a .08 BAC – but the penalties will be even harsher if they are over a .08 BAC. Refusal to take a breath test will result in the mandatory suspension of the minor’s license for a year and a half.

This all goes to show two things: First, if you’re a minor, don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Second: If you have been arrested for any of the above crimes or infractions, it is 100% imperative that you get the best legal services available. Being found guilty of any of these crimes could have a far-reaching and long-lasting negative impact on your life (or your summer plans).

If you have been accused by the police in Southern Maine of OUI, “Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs”, DUI, DWI, Habitual Offender (HO), Operating under Suspension (OAS), possession of a controlled drug or any alleged motor vehicle or any state or federal criminal offense, it’s best to call criminal lawyer near me John Webb today at 207-283-6400 and arrange a free lawyer consultation to discuss your case. We will explain how are payment plans work. Before you come to our law office please go online and read John’s attorney ratings and lawyer ratings.

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