Portland Maine Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Southern Maine, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Portland, Maine or Saco, Maine to protect your legal rights in the criminal case. Being charged with a crime, like an OUI Maine, can be a frightening, confusing experience, especially if you know you are … Read more

Maine Domestic Violence Penalties and Criminal Defenses

By: John S. Webb, Maine Domestic Violence Lawyer Near Me in southern Maine This article discusses domestic violence penalties (if convicted) and some of the available criminal defenses. Multiple potential defenses exist to a domestic violence Maine criminal charge. The most common one is domestic violence self-defense. A person being physically assaulted can defend himself or herself … Read more

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Southern Maine

The United States Constitution vests judicial power in the federal court system and establishes the U.S. Supreme Court as the highest federal court in the country. It also gives Congress the authority to establish lower federal courts. State constitutions govern how state courts are established in each state. The state court system can vary from … Read more

Saco Maine Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Saco, Maine. An attorney experienced in criminal law can help you mount a solid defense that can give you the best chance at a not guilty verdict. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer for your case is one … Read more

Maine OUI-DUI Attorney | Webb Law Firm

Criminal Defense Attorney John S. Webb Covering Southern Maine Saco and Portland ME criminal defense attorney John Webb focuses in the area of Operating Under the Influence defense – OUI, DUI, DWI, and DWID – in state & federal court.  John is also the General Manager (GM) of the Sanford Mainers baseball team which plays in the … Read more