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If you have been ordered to follow a no-contact order in southern Maine (Augusta Maine and south of there), you should not take any chances. Learning about the stipulations and conditions placed against you in a no-contact order could save you from having to face serious consequences – including jail time.

A no-contact order is often confused with a domestic violence restraining order, but the two are not the same. Plus, they can carry drastically different penalties. In general, a no contact order is issued AFTER a threatening encounter has taken place, whereas a restraining order is granted BEFORE any violence has occurred. So, a restraining order is used to prevent the potential for a dangerous situation that can result in serious domestic violence charges.

Does a No Contact Order Specify the Physical Distance That Must Be Obeyed?

IMG_1864-300x200What should I do first?

You should call a lawyer right away. If you have not been arrested but think you might be soon, your lawyer could set up an arrangement to allow you to turn yourself in rather than have the PD show up to your house or even your job. If the PD is reaching out to you to get your side of the story, you should not speak to them without a lawyer present. This may be your chance to give your side of the story, but it is more likely that things will only get worse after this interview.

What should I do to help my case?

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