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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need representation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Saco, Maine. An attorney experienced in criminal law can help you mount a solid defense that can give you the best chance at a not guilty verdict. Choosing the right Maine criminal lawyer for your case is one of the biggest and most important decisions you ever will make.

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Guilty or Not Guilty You Still Should Have Legal Representation

It doesn’t matter whether you committed the crime for which you are charged or not — you still need an attorney to represent you in and out of court. If you are not guilty of the crime, you need someone who is able to obtain the necessary information to prove your innocence. You need someone who understands how to refute the evidence the district attorney presents.

If you did indeed commit the crime for which you are charged, you want someone who will represent you and help you get the least severe penalties possible. You need a Saco criminal defense attorney who fights just as hard for you even though you admit you committed the crime. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain, which may result in a reduced charge and a lighter sentence. If you and your attorney decide the best option is for you to plead guilty, your attorney may be able to obtain a reduced penalty to prevent you from going to jail or limit the time you must spend in jail.

Choosing the Right Saco ME Criminal Lawyer

To select the best criminal defense lawyer in Saco, first look for an attorney with experience handling criminal cases. You prefer an attorney who has a history representing individuals charged with the same criminal charge you are facing.

Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney about his past experience. Ask the attorney how many cases he has tried and how many he has won for individuals charged with the same crime. For example, you want an attorney with DWI/DUI experience if you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated. Furthermore, you want to know the attorney has been able to win a majority of those cases or successfully negotiate a plea bargain for a lesser sentence.

Another factor to consider is the location of the law firm. You want to work with a lawyer who knows the local courts, prosecutors, and judges. You can’t put a price on the value of an attorney who is familiar with the Saco court system.

At Webb Law, we have experience in a variety of criminal law categories, with a record of successfully representing clients for the following crimes:

If you’ve been charged with one of these crimes or other criminal offenses, contact our office to find out how we can help you.

Working With Your Maine Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense lawyer has to perform many tasks as he prepares your defense. He must obtain all documents and information about the crime that the prosecution may present as evidence at your trial. He must conduct an independent investigation into the facts surrounding your arrest and the crime you allegedly committed. While you are presumed innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof rests with the prosecuting attorney, your defense attorney must know what evidence will be presented in order to prepare a defense strategy to refute the evidence to raise reasonable doubt.

Your attorney will obtain statements from witnesses for the prosecution to establish a list of questions to cross-examine the witnesses. As your attorney prepares your defense, he will file various motions with the court in order to protect your legal rights throughout the process. For that reason, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable about rules and laws that govern your case as well as an attorney who remains current on all of the cases that could have an impact on how your case is decided.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Saco Criminal Defense Lawyer

It’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after you are charged with a crime or you know that you are being investigated by law enforcement officials. The attorney can appear at your arraignment to help you post bail. Your lawyer will advise you about your plea based on your testimony and the evidence available.

At the same time, your attorney is part of your network of support. He will encourage you throughout the process while being realistic about the situation. He won’t offer false hope, but instead he will offer the sound legal advice you can rely on when you are deciding how to proceed with your case. Whether that is to accept a plea bargain or to proceed to trial, you can trust your attorney has analyzed all facets of your case to develop a strategy that will give you the best chance at a positive outcome.

The court system and criminal legal process is confusing for the average person. A criminal defense attorney’s job is to explain what is happening, what options you have, and what those options mean for you today and in the future. While you don’t have to take your attorney’s advice, it’s important to listen to his professional counsel. Choose an attorney you can trust, so you feel good about following his legal advice when it is presented to you.

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Client Reviews
Vincent is a very knowledgeable, talented lawyer! He along with all of the Webb Law staff provided us with the best legal advice anyone could ask for. Our son was facing 3 very serious charges. Vinnie knew just how to find the discrepancies in the testimony given. He worked very hard on our case! We will forever be grateful to him!! Hire him and you will not be disappointed! Dan and Lauretta
"Without a doubt one of the best legal teams in Maine. If you have an issue that needs legal assistance give them a call. They will listen, they will guide you and they will explain the legal aspects of your situation and if and how they can help you. You won't be disappointed." Lou C.
"I hired John twice to help with two different legal situations. He was outstanding in every regard for both cases. For one of the cases, we were led to believe it was hopeless, until we met John Webb. John much to my surprise took the case, and gave us hope. I know for a fact he worked over and beyond what he charged us for, and landed a very favorable result. You cannot get a more honest, hard working, knowledgeable, skilled lawyer than John Webb." Maureen