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Firm Overview

Webb Law Firm is an experienced criminal defense firm dedicated to helping clients who find themselves charged with a criminal offense in Maine. Our firm defends all criminal cases ranging from speeding tickets, to manslaughter cases, and everything in between. We have devoted ourselves to staying up to date with the latest scientific research and trainings in order to best defend our clients. We have been very fortunate to receive advanced training in motor vehicle cases, including the use and maintenance of breath test machines, Standardize Field Sobriety Test, and Drug Recognition Expert cases, needed to effectively defend Operating Under the Influence cases involving drugs (OUI DRUGS). We also have vast experience in handling vehicular manslaughter cases and serious vehicular accidents involving drugs and alcohol.

We know that if you are accused of a crime, you probably have countless questions and concerns going through your head. As a firm, we are here to help you navigate through this difficult time in a way that will put you in the best possible position going forward. We practice in state and federal court. If you have been accused of a crime, contact Webb Law Firm today for a free consultation with an attorney.

Client Reviews
Vincent is a very knowledgeable, talented lawyer! He along with all of the Webb Law staff provided us with the best legal advice anyone could ask for. Our son was facing 3 very serious charges. Vinnie knew just how to find the discrepancies in the testimony given. He worked very hard on our case! We will forever be grateful to him!! Hire him and you will not be disappointed! Dan and Lauretta
"Without a doubt one of the best legal teams in Maine. If you have an issue that needs legal assistance give them a call. They will listen, they will guide you and they will explain the legal aspects of your situation and if and how they can help you. You won't be disappointed." Lou C.
"I hired John twice to help with two different legal situations. He was outstanding in every regard for both cases. For one of the cases, we were led to believe it was hopeless, until we met John Webb. John much to my surprise took the case, and gave us hope. I know for a fact he worked over and beyond what he charged us for, and landed a very favorable result. You cannot get a more honest, hard working, knowledgeable, skilled lawyer than John Webb." Maureen