Prom Season Gone Bad? Don’t Let It Happen To You!

Now that we’re nearing the end of April, many high school students are gearing up for prom season. Unfortunately, this annual event is also too often the harbinger of underage drinking and, as a result, criminal liability. Under Maine Title 28-A, possession, consumption or purchase of alcohol by a minor can fetch up to $400 in fines (assuming a first offense). If a minor is found illegally transporting alcohol, they can face a fine up to $500 as well as the suspension of their license for 30 days (again assuming a first offense). Lastly, a minor found to have any alcohol at all in their bloodstream while driving can have their license suspended for a year if alone and two and a half years if they have a passenger under 21 in the car, and can face even harsher punitive action if above a .08 BAC. Refusal to take a BAC test will result in the mandatory suspension of the minor’s license for a year and a half. This all goes to show two things: first, if you’re a minor, don’t drink. Second: if you have been arrested for any of the above crimes or infractions, it is 100% imperative that you get the best legal representation available. Being found guilty of any of these crimes could have a far-reaching and long-lasting negative impact on your life (or, at very least, on your summer plans).

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