How to Find and When to Use the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in the state of Maine, it is in your best interest to secure the services of a top criminal defense attorney.

“Pro-se” legal representation, or representing yourself, without an attorney, is possible, but certainly not recommended!

If jail or prison is a possible outcome of your trial, there is no reason to presume that you will be able to get yourself off the hook.

It is exceptionally challenging for a private citizen to adequately navigate the legal system.

If you are considering defending yourself in a criminal trial in the state of Maine, keep reading to learn why you should hire the best criminal defense attorney instead!

You Won’t Find the Information You Need in Legal Books

Unfortunately, even if you have access to a wealth of legal reading material, you are unlikely to be able to learn everything you will need to know to defend yourself during a criminal case.

You can spend time pouring over legal resources and think that you will be prepared for your case. Sadly, you are likely to be mistaken when it is your chance to appear in court.

The best criminal defense attorney will have a much greater chance of securing you the result you need. Why would you risk something as serious as jail time on your own understanding of the law?

Criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to understanding every aspect of the law and securing their clients the results they need. If you have been charged with a serious criminal charge, it is absolutely in your best interest to secure the services of the best criminal defense attorney that you can afford.

Beware of Prosecutorial Discretion

Did you know that the prosecutor has the legal right to determine whether or not to file a criminal charge in addition to what charges to actually file?

The prosecutor in your case has what is called prosecutorial discretion and this means that they get to decide what penalties you will face for the charges that you will actually stand against in court.

What this means is that even if your charges seem black and white based on what the arresting officer may have said at the time of your arrest, this is never really the case. There are always a range of charges and statutes which could fit whatever you are being called to court to face up to.

Some crimes, statutes, and sentences are easier to defend against than others. What charge you actually face in court is really in the hands of the prosecutor. If you do not know the prosecutor or understand how the system works in Maine, you are very likely to face more serious charges than necessary.

All you had to do was hire the best criminal defense attorney you could afford and this would have been avoided. Let us say it again: there is absolutely no reason to believe that defending yourself is the best course of action for defending criminal charges in the court of law.

Courts Are A Part of the Community

There is no reason to underestimate the way local politics and community values could impact the outcome of your criminal case. Judges are elected officials, prosecutors want to get favorable results for the state and police expect that the cases they bring to prosecutors will result in convictions.

From time to time, the media will focus on a certain type of crime and public opinion may be more critical or harsher than in previous years. Courts are a part of a community and as a result, you are not separate from the pressures that communities can exert.

You may hope that your case is fair and impartial but there is no way to guarantee that. This is one more reason why it is smart to have someone defending you who has been engaged with the politics at the center of the legal happenings in your community.

If you choose to enter into the world of criminal law prosecution on your own, you do so at your own peril. If you are invested in receiving the best possible result, you should be focused on hiring the best criminal defense attorney!

What Will My Criminal Defense Attorney Do For Me?

The truth is, no matter how smart or well educated you are, the criminal justice system makes it virtually impossible to do a competent job of representing yourself. Each criminal case is unique, and only a specialist who is experienced in assessing the particulars of a case–and in dealing with the many variables that come up in every case–can provide the type of representation that every criminal defendant needs to receive if justice is to be done.

No matter how smart or educated you are, the legal system is complex and designed to make it virtually impossible for you defend yourself on your own behalf. Every criminal case is different and only a legal expert with experience navigating the particulars of cases like yours will be able to explore all the variables which could lead to your successful criminal defense.

The best criminal defense attorneys will:

  • Negotiate more favorable arrangements with prosecutors.
  • Create sentencing strategies which help their clients retain the best possible quality of life.
  • Assist defendants to cope with negative feelings that can arise from a criminal case.
  • Offer their clients a reality check about the severity of their crimes and whether it might be better to accept a plea bargain rather than face harsher sentences.
  • Understand all local court customs and know the personalities involved.
  • Have a full understanding of the hidden dangers of pleading guilty which someone representing themselves might not realize.
  • Have the resources to spend time working through every angle for defending a case.
  • Collect information from witnesses who could help to prove your innocence in court.
  • Hire and manage legal professionals who will work on your behalf to explore every possible option for defending you.

Have you been charged with a crime?

Then it is time for you to hire the best criminal defense attorney available.

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